Macedonian protesters call for snap elections
Monday, 24 April 2017

bogdan damovski

Supporters of the United Macedonia Initiative, who took to the streets of Skopje on Monday for the 57th time in a row, called for yet another snap elections that would put an end to the political crisis in the country.

Bogdan Ilievski, one of the protests organizers, extended gratitude to protesters over their persistence and asked them to keep marching on the route as they had for the last 56 days.

'At the onset of the eight week of protests I congratulate on your endurance, success and invite you to keep marching on this route as long as it takes,' Ilievski said.

Speaking in front of the VMRO-DPMNE headquarters, Iliveski asked the party to support the protesters' demand for organizing snap parliamentary elections, which would enable citizens to reject the so-called 'Tirana platform'.

The initiative has been also urging the Parliament to convene an urgent session, dedicated only to scheduling snap general elections.

Today, the 'Civic Initiative for United Macedonia' organized rallies in several cities across the country.


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