Macedonia 5th highest country in Europe
Tuesday, 25 April 2017

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An average elevation above sea level of 832 meters puts Macedonia as the fifth-highest country in Europe. Taking into consideration the terrain configuration, the country's west is higher (935m in average), while the eastern is lower (662m in average). The reasons are the complex geological, tectonic and erosive processes over the course of hundreds of thousands, even millions of years.

Andorra is the highest European country with an average elevation of 1,996m, followed by Switzerland (1,305m), Montenegro (1,040m) and Austria (935m).

Only two of the 34 largest towns in Macedonia are under 100m above sea level (Gevgelija and Bogdanci) and one is over 1,000m above sea level (Krusevo-1,220m).

Ivica Milevski, professor at the Geography Institute within the Skopje-based Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, says most of Macedonian towns lie between 600-700m above sea level, whereas three cities between 200-300m have the highest population size.

Macedonia is also a country with the largest number of mountains compared to its size, not only in Europe but in broader terms. Professor Milevski says Macedonia has about 40 mountains, of which 12 are higher than 2,000m. No other European country has that number of independent mountain ranges compared to their size. There are about 260 mountain peaks at these mountains, 85 of which above 2,000m.

The highest mountain peak in Macedonia is Golem Korab at Korab mountain (2,753m), followed by Titov Vrv at Sar Mountain (2,747m), Pelister at Baba mountain (2,601m), Solunska Glava at Jakupica mountain (2,540m), Kajmakcalan at Nidze mountain (2,520m), Golem Krchin at Krchin mountain (2,341m), Crni Vrv at Jablanica mountain (2,257m) etc.


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