The absurdness of the 2002 census
Tuesday, 25 April 2017

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 As someone who grew up in Labunista, a village in SW Macedonia, not too far away from the Albanian border, it's prudent to outline the absurdity of the 2002 census, brokered by the US and Brussels, who in the 2001 conflict openly backed terrorists from Kosovo.

I say brokered because the census in 2002 was everything, exccept an exercise in which people were afforded the ability according to all international norms to tell what their ethnicity and mother tongue is. 

The perfect example of this is Labunista, a small village of which I have intimate knowledge.

About 95% of the population there speaks Macedonian for all business and social activities. At home, Macedonian is still the overwhelming language spoken, simply because in a small place, we essentially know each other.

Lets take a look at the "official" census data for Labunista:

According to the 2002 national census, 5,936 people live in the village.

- Albanians - 4,288 (72,2%)
- Turks - 879 (14,8%)
- Macedonians - 371 (6,25%)
- Others - 398 (6,7%)

First of, there is no way there are nearly 6,000 residents in Labunista. Maybe 4,500 at best, good portion of the village lives in Germany and W Europe. Second, pay attention to the number of "Albanians" at 4,288!? This number is outrageously fake and false. Third, I was informed that during the 2002 census no one came in Labunista to conduct a census. None of my relatives was visited by a census official. The numbers were simply made up in Skopje.

 And here is the best part. According to the "official data", the mother tongue of the population in Labunista was given as the following:

- Macedonian: 4,872 or 82%
- Albanian: 925 or 15,5%
- Turkish: 78 or 1,31%
- Serbian: 3 or 0,05%
- Other: 58 or 0,97%

 So lets' get this straight. There are allegedly 4,288 Albanians in Labunista, out of which only 925 speak Albanian? If this doesn't make sense, it's because it doesn't, both numbers were made up for political purposes. In Labunista, there are less than 300 Albanians, and their number is dwindling daily as most have moved away with their families to Germany and Switzerland.

In 2002, across western Macedonia, all ethnic Macedonians who are muslims and don't speak a word of Albanian were officially listed as "Albanians".  This should make everyone furious as none of them even know they were listed as such. Even more disturbing, the mayor of Struga is forcing parents of ethnic Macedonian muslims to enlist their children to study albanian against their wishes. //Goran Nikolovski


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