Soros bot Hoyt Yee next in line to meet with President Ivanov... Not so Fast!
Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Macedonian president Gjorgji Ivanov can't catch a break from an endless supply of Soros bots, some of which are still (somehow) part of foreign Governments. Such is the case with United States Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Hoyt Brian Yee, member of Nuland's neocon cabal.

He will pay a visit to Macedonia on May 1, says the U.S. Embassy in Skopje.

"Deputy Assistant Secretary Yee will travel to Macedonia on May 1 to engage political leaders on the status of government formation, bilateral relations, and reforms needed for Euro-Atlantic integration", the Embassy says in a press release.

Hoyt Yee is very much involved in the Macedonian coup since day 1. His arrival was expected, particularly after two Soros puppets Karl Bildt and Johannes Hahn were denied a meeting with Ivanov.

Last week, remnants of Obama's team in the State Department expressed "concern" over the situation in Macedonia, urging for the formation of a SDS led government without delay so that the country resumes with its reforms on the Euro-Atlantic integration path.

Update - - -

Ivanov's presidential cabinet confirmed the US Diplomat despite his request to meet with the president, will not get such opportunity. Ivanov has other more important obligations, confirmed his cabinet in a press release. Frankly, MINA's staff has better reasons to meet with Ivanov than a third rank soon to be replaced "Deputy to an Assistant...".

As for Ivanov, give this man another presidential mandate, no voting is necessary. //Pero Stamatovski


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