Plan to stage coup before Hoyt Yee's arrival fails
Wednesday, 26 April 2017


SDS and DUI plan to stage a coup in Parliament last night at 6:00pm did not go through according to plan, reports albanian news portal INA, due to the reluctance of DUI's Talat Xhaferi to be named president of Parliament.

According to INA, the plan is postponed for today, however the chances for it going through are once again small, despite coordinated efforts by Jess Baily, Hoyt Yee and Zoran Zaev for the coup to take place before Yee's arrival on Monday.

Xhaferi aka Commandir Forina allegedly did not wish to be elected in such a way as president of Parliament.  However MINA finds, Xhaferi's sole reason for his reluctance is that both himself and DUI's leader Ali Ahmeti risk being jailed after Ivanov declares emergency situation, in accordance with the Constitution.

Thousands of protesters today once again warned Praliament MPs that any illegal activities in Parliament will spell their end.


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