Serbian media: Turkish Government encouraging Albanians to start war in Balkans
Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Turkish Intel Agency MIT has been ordered by president Erdogan to start preparing Albanians in the Balkans to wage war against Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, reports Serbian daily Informer.

For over six months, preparations have been underway for Turkey to establish control over the Balkans, using albanians as their proxies. Attack is planned on North Kosovo, but also southern Serbia, NW Macedonia (Skopje and Kumanovo) and southern Montnegro (Ulcinj). MIT operatives are coordinating all their activities from Pristina.

Turkey has also sent anti-tank missiles to Kosovo for these purposes, while the project is financially backed by famous Swiss albanian drug lord Bexhet Pacoli who is worth over 3 billion euros.

Both Edi Rama and Kosovo's Hashim Thaci issued statements within two days apart that this is the best time for Albanians to unite their territories, it's now or never. Their statements, not surprisingly did not receive any attention or condemnation both in Brussels and NATO. A NATO member is threatening three non NATO countries with agression.

The CIA is playing ball with Erdogan in the Balkans, as both parties seek to diminish the Christian orthodox influence at the expense of the Sunni muslim population in the region.

But there is a minor problem, both Erdogan and the CIA aren't sure should the conflict begin, how will it evolve. Will they be able to create a larger Sunni caliphate controlled by them, or will the current one be drastically reduced.


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