Murtino messiah vows to set up his own Government
Thursday, 27 April 2017

Zoran Zaeviqi, the leader of the Social Democratic Party, threatened on Thursday to hold a parallel meeting of Parliament in a different location and elect his own Parliament Speaker, if the filibuster does not end immediately. MINA has already reported that Zaev is under pressure by Baily and Mr. Coffee himself Hoyt Yee to proceed with the coup and complete it by Monday.

Zaev claims that he has enough votes to elect Talat Xhaferi from the DUI party as Speaker, but the vote was postponed by the discussion in Parliament in which VMRO-DPMNE representatives demand SDSM to own up to the conditions under which the new majority would be formed, particularly with regard to the controversial Tirana platform that would radically redefine the way inter-ethnic relations are regulated. VMRO-DPMNE immediately warned Zaev and SDSM against making such a move.

"This majority here in Parliament has the right and an obligation to elect a Speaker of its own and this decision can be made here in this hall, or in some other hall in the Parliament, in the hallway, at the stairway, in the Law Faculty hall, in the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, anywhere. Therefore I call on you to respect the procedures and the rules of the Parliament, and to end the constitutive session of the Parliament", Zaev said.

His party has 49 seats in Parliament, and together with DUI's 10 seats, they would still be two votes short to elect a Speaker. A smaller party called Coalition of Albanians said it will also support the election of Xhaferi, while the BESA party, which has agreed to support Zaev for Prime Minister with its five votes, is against Xhaferi due to its bitter rivalry with DUI. Zaev's statement comes as Parliament was debating for a month on the Tirana platform and on whether SDSM has the right to form a Government based on this document prepared under the mentorship of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. Meanwhile, mass protests continue in Skopje and in dozens of cities across Macedonia, calling on SDSM to reject the formation of a Government based on the Tirana platform. President Gjorge Ivanov also called on Zaev to reject the platform before he can receive the mandate to form a Government.

Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski from VMRO-DPMNE told Zaev that it is against the rules of the Parliament to cut the debate short. VMRO-DPMNE representative Ilija Dimovski responded that taking away the right to speak from members of Parliament is violation of Parliament rules.

"Refusing us the right to speak is the same as taking away the right from citizens to vote. We ask you not to attempt to perpetrate a coup. An attempt to elect a Speaker outside of the Parliament procedures will bring nothing good to this country. It will take a lot more reason, patience and broadening of horizons to reach a solution. You can't make such moves on a day when one of your would - be coalition partners says that a condition to join your Government for them is to redefine the identity of the Macedonians", said Dimovski.

Zaev announced that he will hold a press conference shortly. Protest organizers also called on their supporters to be ready to gather sooner that the usual 17h term.


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