SDS begins Coup Attempt, Macedonian protesters Storm Parliament Beat MPs -- FINALLY!
Thursday, 27 April 2017

SDS MPs are trying to illegally elect a new president of Parliament. Tensions in Parliament are increasing after SDS MPs surrounded the current Parliament speaker Trajko Veljanovski in an attempt to forcibly remove him from his chair.

VMRO-DPMNE started singing the Macedonian national anthem calling for new elections, while SDS, DUI and BESA appear determined to follow the latest orders from Baily and Hoyt Yee.

Meanwhile thousands of protesters are in front of Macedonian Parliament.


Macedonian Protesters Stormed Parliament as SDS DUI BESA and the Alliance 'elected' a new Government in an adjacent Hall in Parliament. After naming terrorist Xhaferi as the new president of Parliament, they played the albanian national anthem.

Once  protesters found out what's happening, they stormed parliament and entered the hall where SDS and DUI MPs congratulated each other. The protesters beat SDS MPs in the hall. MINA's Pero Stamatovski is live in Parliament and is on direct line with us.

Stamatovski says Zaev's face  and head was bloodied. Chairs flew everywhere.

The coup was staged at 6:20pm, after the Parliament session ended, thus making any move after illegal and anticonstitutional.

Hundreds of Macedonian protesters are now in Parliament... they did warn treasonous Zaev he will face justice if not from the impotent Government then from the people.

Will now our idiot Government kick terrorist Jess Baily out? The reason the other terrorist US Deputy Secretary for Eurasian Affairs Hoyt Yee is arriving to Macedonia on Monday is to prevent the Government from jailing Zaev. It was all organized folks by the US Deep State. Xhaferi is supposed to welcome Hoyt Yee on Monday, thus giving himself legitimacy.  

Zaev, Ahmeti and Sela need to be publicly executed for playing the albanian national anthem in Macedonian parliament.


Zaev's personal security pulled out guns on protesters which is what started and immediately escalated the physical fight, say eyewitnesses in Parliament. 

Macedonian protesters are now seating in the Parliament speaker seat. 

Police units have moved in to protect SDS and DUI MPs. It's unfortunate VMRO-DPMNE MPs were not roughed up in the process. With the exception of Dimovski and Stevanandzija, they needed to face the people as well. Particularly the signatories of the Przino agreement.


MINA's Pero Stamatovski says Zaev with assistance from CIA, BND and AISE tried to bribe Macedonian generals in the Army to overthrow president Ivanov. However, this attempt has failed as the Generals have sided with Ivanov. But even if this scenario succeded.... the unintelligent intel agencies always seem to forget on the 99.9% of the population, the people.


VMRO-DPMNE's Gjorcev protecting Zaev from protesters... MINA's Pero Stamatovski says several VMRO-DPMNE MPs were also roughed up. This is good, now VMRO-DPMNE knows people are fed up with their subtle anti Macedonian activities as well. The People don't need fake patriots.


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