Police struggles to evacuate Treasonous MPS
Thursday, 27 April 2017

Over 200 special police forces arrived in Parliament in an attempt to evacuate the treasonous MPs who are not allowed to live Parliament by protesters.

Police struggled to enter Parliament as they pushed through the thousands of people who have gathered in front of Parliament with thousands more still arriving from all corners of the country.

According to our reporter in Parliament, 30 MPs have been evacuated, however over 80 remain inside.

Loud explosions are heard in front of Parliament, a result of shock bombs used by Police to disperse protesters so they can enter Parliament.

Previously, 10 policemen who tried to prevent the mass of people from entering Parliament were injured and taken to hospital.

Tear gas was fired inside Parliament in order to remove some of the protesters who refused to leave.

President Ivanov addressed the nation at 10:00pm tonight asking for calm and order, adding he has called the leaders of all parties tomorrow in his office for a discussion.


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