US Embassy in ecstasy: We approve of Xhaferi and coup
Thursday, 27 April 2017

The US Embassy in a quick press release says it's happy from today's coup and the illegal vote in Parliament conducted after the Assembly has already ended today's session and approves the selection of Xhaferi for Parliament speaker!

It's a little too late for the US Embassy to show any sort of morals, so why try now.

The Embassy says it looks forward to working with the SDS and DUI. Yes, however the work will likely continue the same way it has been until now, in coffee shops around Skopje after 11:00pm.

Similar statements came from EU Soros bots Mogherini and Hahn, the first one ignored during their visit in Macedonia, the second was denied meeting with Ivanov, thus summing their relevance in Macedonian politics.


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