Macedonian retirees dish out Justice to MPs, Protesters Set up Tents
Thursday, 27 April 2017


This man, Sasho Spasovski, part of Oliver Spasovski's security squad is the initiator of the fight in Parliament. According to MINA's Pero Stanmatovski who was the first to report on the tensions in Parliament and the subsequent storming of Parliament, says Sasho Popovski discharged his weapon, but there is no information whether he shot a protester or if he fired it into the air.

Either way, with the exception of uniformed policemen, it's illegal for anyone to carry a weapon in Parliament.

Stamatovski says out of the few hundred protersters who stormed Parliament, it was about two dozen retirees who entered the press conference hall where Zaev and Xhaferi were giving congratulary speeches. Many other protesters entered the main Assenmbly hall and other adjacent halls.

Zaev and Oliver Spasovski's private security (with a loaded gun) engaged the protesters which resulted in one 70 year old man picking up a camera tripod and smashing it into Zaev's head, after the man with the loaded gun was tackled down. 

 Several elderly protesters were hurt during the scuffle. Once the younger protesters entered the press conference hall, MPs were running for their lives, with several jumping through window balconies, hurting themselves in the process.

SDS' Sekerinska was caught in the mellee as well, after an elderly protester grabbed her by the hair as she tried to flee. Sekerinska was evacuated from Parliament dressed as a medical nurse so she is not recognized. Folks, when you need to disguise yourself as a nurse so you can stay safe, you probably need to quit politics.


 Despite police best efforts to disperse the protesters, it appears they have only angered them more.

Tents have been brought in, protesters are not leaving Parliament and will guard it throughout the night.


It's time for the Macedonian Government to expel the US Ambassador and all of its staff. Or should the people take care of this too? //Marija Nikolovska


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