Police saves Xhaferi, the man tied to the murder of 8 policemen in 2001
Friday, 28 April 2017


In what is perhaps the greatest ironies of all time, UCK terrorist and DUI MP Talat Xhaferi tonight was saved from protesters in Parliament by Macedonian police.  We say irony, because in 2001, Xhaferi was involved in the ambush and murder of 8 Macedonian police reservists near Vejce, Tetovo. 

According to the Macedonian secret service UBK, Xhaferi who deserted the Army in 2001 and joined the UCK to fight against Macedonia, coordinated the ambush on a military vehicle after getting tips by SDS' Minister of Defense Vlado Buckovski who sent the information through an OSCE field operative.

Tonight, it was the very police that Xhaferi and his UCK terrorists ambushed who got him out of Parliament safe and sound.

And yes, this is the man that Soros Bots in Brussels and Washington want to install as president of Parliament.


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