Will Macedonian Judicial System work this time, or will Public Prosecutors take extended vacation?
Friday, 28 April 2017



The Macedonian Public Prosecution team is under a severe test.

The people are expecting the highest legal body to press charges againast Macedonia's coup plotters who blatantly undertook anticonstitutional activities to destabilize the country. Many citizens want MPs jailed as a precondition before even charges are filed to prevent further subversions against the country.

For its part, the Public Prosecutor's Office of Macedonia (OJO) informed that it is taking all necessary steps to prosecute all involved in the violent incident in the Macedonian Parliament on Thursday afternoon.

"In accordance with our competencies, OJO will act as it does in all other cases where there are criminal elements and where we document the case and then file the appropriate charges", said the Prosecutor's Office in a press release. OJO extended the hours of prosecutors in order to have enough people at hand to investigate the case, and is in permanent communication with the Interior Ministry.

It wouldn't be surprising if charges are pressed only against protesters, and this is not going to sit well with the entire country.

Meanwhile, Kurir and Republika report that the parody staged by the SDS and DUI last night was just that, a parody. Not just that the vote was illegal and conducted during a closed Parliament session, but that UCK's Xhaferi was short at least 10 votes even in their sham voting. 


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