Supreme Court judge Lidija Nedelkova suspected of taking Bribes from US Ambassador removed from case
Friday, 28 April 2017

 Macedonia's Supreme Court judge and former president of the Supreme Court Lidija Nedelkova has been removed from cases related to the SPO because her son was filmed leaving the SPO office. 

Nedelkova at no point disclosed to the Supreme Court that her son was working and being paid by the newly installed SPO. Nedelkova has also been tied to numerous speculations in Macedonian media for accepting bribes from the US Ambassador Jess Baily to ignore several open cases against the SPO on the constitutionality of the new prosecution office. These cases were opened during Nedelkova's reign as president of the Supreme Court and have ben postponed without explanation for over a year.

Nedelkova was removed from several SPO cases that include the illegal arrest of Macedonian mayor in Albania, Edmond Temelko, the case "Titanik" and the arrest of the owner of TV Nova. 

The current president of the Supreme Court, Jovo Vangelovski says there is evidence of Nedelkova's son working for the SPO.

 - TV Camera crews filmed Nedelkova's son David Nedelkov leaving the SPO Office. Second, David Nedelkov is the signatory of a legal document sent by the Supreme Court to the SPO Office. Clearly, Mr. David Nedelkov is working at the SPO. In a normal situation the judge removes themselves due to conflict of interest, it's very surprising Lidija Nedlkova hasn't already done this and I had to remove her - says Vangelovski.

Macedonian media for nearly two years has nicknamed the Supreme and Constitutional Courts the "Swarowski Courts" due to frequent gifts bestowed on judges by the US Embassy. Nedelkova, Tufegdzic, Ismeta Amet, Lulzim Saliu, Snezana Trpkovska are just some of the judges mentioned who have 'earned' quite a bit of extra outside of their salaries.


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