Macedonians at EU Office: Keep your fascist corrupt self out of Macedonia
Friday, 28 April 2017


 Thousands of Macedonian protesters gathered in front of the EU Office with a message to Soros bots Mogherini and Hahn to keep their fascist corrupt self outside of Macedonia's internal affairs.

- For nearly two monts we saw the EU Office and a foreign (US) Ambassador in Macedonia encouraging their puppets to stage a coup. For two months we peacefully protested and warned the opposition not to provoke us. They did it anyways, attempted a coup, we prevented it just like we said we would. If they want to test us again, we welcome this, try it tommorrow, we'll be here - says the protest organizer Damovski.


- We will not allow some foreign fascists assisted by local quislings to rename Macedonia and take our sovereignty. Zaev has no legitimacy and cannot form a Government, because we won't allow it.  A man who wakes up the following day and thanks the US Embassy, directly putting himself under their boot, cannot form a Government. If you like to test us, go ahead.   We are in charge of the Macedonian sovereignty, not the Government - added Damovski to rapturous applause from the protesters.

Damovski stated the only way forward are new elections, nothing else would be allowed.


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