Man who fired gun was policeman, likely to end up in Jail
Friday, 28 April 2017

The man nicknamed as "Ace" (Aco Angelovski) by Zoran Zaev is the one who fired his weapon not once, but several times, as admitted by the SDS leader in an interview with USAid backed TV Station Telma. "It's not Sasho Spasovski who held the gun in the photos, but Ace who fired the gun" says Zaev, admitting there were two individuals with guns aimed at protesters!


Astonishingly, the man is an actual policeman who has zero understanding for what his actual job is. Behaved as private security for the SDS leader and did not obey orders from his superiors, but from Zaev who is a leader of a party, and not a member of the Ministry of Interior.

In the interview, Zaev admits he ordered the policeman to pull his gun out and shoot! Surprised, the SDS leader states the crowd did not back down despite the policeman firing his weapon several times (not once as previously reported).

In essence, Zaev just admitted his guilt as being the source of the incident which resulted in over 80 people getting hurt.

The policemen himself will likely face a stiff jail sentence for firing his weapon inside Parliament and causing the start of the incident. Then there are the coup plotters... The public prosecutor's office has busy days ahead.


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