Macedonian Government Must Immediately Jail Zaev, Ahmeti and Xhaferi for Coup Attempt
Friday, 28 April 2017

We anticipated VMRO-DPMNE philosophers to come out on the news and do precisely what they did for the past four years: pointless discussions calling on institutions to do their jobs (even though VMRO-DPMNE is in charge of the institutions).

Dimitriev and Gruevski called for calm, dialog and brotherly love with the people who just staged a coup and risked the killing of dozens of civilians.

The SDS played their role well.

As previously agreed with their foreign handlers, the coup was staged not at 9am, not at Noon, not at 3pm, but at 6:20pm, to make sure there are protesters outside. We all know that for 60 days, the United Macedonian civil front begins each protest precisely at 5:00pm.

The SDS and DUI MPs, as we have stressed on at least dozen occasions are used condoms, were sacrificed by their foreign handlers. Our Government sources claim Zaev's handlers were hoping he would be killed by protesters, but much to their disappointment he wasn't. The coup was scheduled at 6:20pm knowing with certainty the mass of people will storm Parliament. Minutes after the failed coup, the Soros-CIA trio Hahn, Mogherini and Baily quickly issued a synchronized press release that they accept Xhaferi as the new Parliament speaker. Of course they would. Millions were spent to finance this operation since 2014, certainly not going to give up now.

It was also important to sacrifice SDS and DUI MPs in order to make them appear as "victims" even though they were the agressors in the entire scenario. Again, it would have been better and easier for them to destabilize the nation if some MPs were killed.

The real circus begins now

This coup was perfectly timed with US saboteur Hoyt Yee's arrival in Macedonia. Although his job is up in the air, he was a member of Nuland (fu*k the EU) team who executed the Ukrainian coup and will be replaced as part of the overall overhaul of the US State Department, he will now meet with Xhaferi and Zaev, thus creating an illusion of a parallel system in the country, SPO style.  And this was the goal all along. It is the easiest way to create a conflict in the country. Foreign Ambassadors (Sweden, Holland, UK, Italy, France, Germany) who are subservient to the CIA and Soros will follow orders and they too will start meeting with Zaev and Xhaferi as "legitimate" representatives of the Macedonian Government thus creating a much larger crisis and even bigger circus.

There wouldn't be any crisis if Ivanov called a state emergency and immediately jailed Zaev, Ahmeti and Xhaferi for their coup attempt. This should have been done and it is a mistake it wasn't. Another (expected) option is if the Macedonian prosecution office does their job for once and orders the immediate arrest of the coup plotters.

Every minute this quisling trio is free will be very costly for Macedonia and its people. //Gorazd Velkovski


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