Gruevski interview with USAid TV, aka Telma TV
Saturday, 29 April 2017

After USAid TV conducted an interview with Zaev, surprisingly, Nikola Gruevski walked in right after the SDS leader in a guest appearance at a show called 'Top Tema' hosted by former A1 TV journalist Aleksandar Chomovski who has been on Soros and USAid payroll since 2002. You get the idea what is Gruevski in for from the first 10 seconds of the interview and the welcome he received.

In the end, Gruevski mopped the floor with Chomovski...

Excerpts from the interview:

Gruevski: You think foreign operatives and officials haven't approached me and offered me everything and then some to change Macedonia's name? For ten years they were trying to buy me, but couldn't, hence the current situation we are in.

Gruevski: SDS and SDS alone are responsible for incident in Parliament.

Gruevski: I had to inform my people what certain foreign powers are trying to do to our country. People must know that foreigners are trying to install their chosen puppets in order to change the name of the country, and forever erase our name, identity and the country.

Gruevski: Foreign western Governments through local NGOs have invested millions in trying to undermine VMRO-DPMNE both at home and abroad, always with the same goal, to remove VMRO-DPMNE from power, install their own and change the name of the country.

Gruevski: I understand that negative campaigns are run across Soros controlled media against me for standing up for Macedonia, and I accept this, it's part of the job. Every official from smaller nations who stands up for their country is going through the same negative press machine.


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