US Ambassador Jess Baily protected his residence with Soldiers 3 hours before Coup started
Saturday, 29 April 2017


American Ambassador to the country Jess Baily coordinated the failed coup in Macedonian Parliament on April 27. Skopje media reports the saboteur brought in fully armed marines  to protect his residence at 3:00pm before the coup took place at 6:20pm. The official explanation was that it was a coincidence on the same day Jess Baily called in for exercise to protect his residence.

Former deputy MoI Natalija Ivceva perhaps explains it best in a post on FB:

Macedonian media adds that there was a coordination between Soros and Hahn in Brussels and Baily in Skopje to salute the coup in Parliament and support Zaev and Xhaferi.

Currently there are still tensions in Skopje which will last until Baily and Soros install their puppets in Government, or until both are removed from Macedonia. No third option. //Marija Nikolovska


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