VMRO-DPMNE led Government is Complicit to Treason
Saturday, 29 April 2017

Lets be clear. The US Embassy in Skopje is still under the control of Obama and Hillary Clinton. Yes, they will legitimize Xhaferi and Zaev, it's what occupiers do, they legitimize local quislings to rule. The same way Nazi Germany legitimized all the quisling Governments across Europe who vowed to join them. They will legitimize people who lost the elections and will implement a foreign platform enacted by a foreign Government.

Zaev and Xhaferi stood with their hands over their hearts and played a foreign national anthem in Macedonian Parliament. It doesn't matter if it's albanian or Norwegian national anthem, it's the highest form of treason and agression against a sovereign country.

The institutions led by VMRO-DPMNE did Not act. This makes VMRO-DPMNE complicit to treason and must be held responsible, by the people.

President Ivanov, is(was) the last defender of Macedonia, however his strength may have ended - in addition to pressure coming from a thousand directions, he is likely being pressured by VMRO-DPMNE not to act. So far, he hasn't.

Macedonia, as a country, doesn't exist. It has no institutions, no Government. And perhaps this is a good thing. Because now, anything goes. In the early 1900's we blew up half of the Ottoman Empire, Solun exploded with all of the European invested capital in it, assassinated the Bulgarian, Greek and Serbian king.. trained the IRA in its early stages....We seem to be doing ok without external help.

Our real troubles didn't start with organ harvesting George Soros or Zaev, Gruevski, Ahmeti, Baily, Hahn and the rest. It started in 1913 when Macedonia was split by the great powers, because to them there are no countries, rather spheres of influence that need to be exploited.

Rothschilds' and CIA's top recruit George Soros set up house in Macedonia, the day after the country announced its independence.

Lets be clear, the US Democrats and Brussels who are also players in the Rotschilds network are not our friends, never have been. Strategic partners? More like our most viscious enemy.  Our neighbors are managed by local quislings who were installed by this very network. Nothing has changed since 1913. Bulgaria doesn't recognize the 'language', Greece the 'name' and Serbia the 'Church'. This isn't surprising because they benefited in 1913 and to this day are supported from the same centers of power, any form of recognition would mean they need to return territory gifted to them illegally.

For those with short memory, today's SDSM in 1991 voted against Macedonian independence. The party leader fled to Greece, refused to be even in the country during the referendum. Assisted by the same powers behind the failed coup a fortnight ago, SDSM changed the flag and the name. Apart from 2002, thanks to a Hollywood directed conflict in 2001, SDSM has never won elections in the country. 

Despite winning numerous elections, VMRO-DPMNE has shown it has zero capacity to defend the country from internal or external forces. VMRO's actions over the past three years not just have significantly destabilized the country, but makes them complicit in treason and must be held responsible for it.

In Macedonia, there is no political party that represents the Macedonians. DUI and SDS represent the CIA, BESA was created and is 100% controlled by Erdogan and Turkey, and VMRO-DPMNE is splitting their loyalty between Washington, Brussels and themselves.

We're likely going to see our name erased from maps, but this will be temporary, because they can't erase us. 

We know how to organize, albeit quietly, we're organizing...  //Gorazd Velkovski


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