DUI led MoI keeps detaining protesters
Tuesday, 02 May 2017

The Skopje police sector led by  DUI's Agim Nuhiu has forwarded three additional reports to the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office related to the investigation of last week's incidents in the Parliament.

"Footage from the Parliament's security cameras helped in the identification of the persons who took part in the removal of the interior door blocks of the building's main entrance", the Ministry of Interior said in Tuesday's press release.

On Sunday, the police charged 15 persons suspected of "participation in a crowd, which prevents an official to perform an official act" and "participation in a crowd which commits a crime", of which eight have already been detained.

"The Skopje police sector and the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office are intensively working on further identification of persons who took part in the April 27 incidents", reads the press release.


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