VMRO-DPMNE helds a meeting in Parliament speaker office
Tuesday, 02 May 2017

VMRO-DPMNE MPs hold Tuesday a meeting in the Parliament Speaker's Office, reaffirming the position that last week's election of a Speaker was illegitimate.

The meeting is attended by party leader Nikola Gruevski and constitutive session chairman Trajko Veljanoski.

MP Antonio Milososki said on his Facebook profile that MPs of coalition "For Better Macedonia" claim the illegitimate election of the Speaker cannot be covered by any political pressure.

"We will press criminal charges against MPs Muhic and Misovski, who took actions contrary to the Rules of Procedures and caused political violence. In these sensitive times Macedonia does not need an illegitimate Parliament Speaker, an illegitimate Government and severe political precedents by forming parallel institutions that violate the Constitution and can cause irreparable consequences. Political and physical violence in the Parliament is not justified, and no one has the right to call the people terrorists because of violent individuals", says the party.


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