Zaev calls Xhaferi "great officer in Macedonian Army"
Wednesday, 03 May 2017


In an interview with Serbian daily "Kurir", Zoran Zaev gave quite illogical and paradoxal responses to journalists' questions.

Asked for picking Xhaferi to be President of Parliament, Zaev states that Xhaferi was a "officer in the Macedonian army prior to the 2001 conflict. After that he became an MP in Parliament. He was a great officer carrying his duties for the country" responded Zaev.


For Zaev, it's a good thing that Xhaferi in 2001 deserted the Macedonian Army and joined the UCK terrorists from Kosovo who fought against Macedonia.

At no point in time was Xhaferi held accountable for his desertion and fighting against Macedonia. The secret service has documents that put Xhaferi directly responsible for the ambush of 8 Macedonian soldiers in Vejce.

The SDS leader also told Kurir that Macedonians and Serbs are the same people.


Earlier in the day, in an interview with Bulgarian news agency "BGNES" the SDS leader stated Macedonians and Bulgarians were also the same people.


The great thing about Zaev is that he is not crazy some of the time, but all of the time. Very consistent in that regard.



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