'Freedom Fighters' gather for a photoshoot
Wednesday, 03 May 2017


Teuta Arifi: DUI's VP and high ranking Soros operative. Current mayor of Tetovo. She frequently overrules Ahmeti.

Hoyt Yee: Long time Deputy and Assistent to others. Deputy and assistant in the Macedonian coup. Former US Ambassador to Macedonia, and current CIA asset Philip Ricker managed the coup out of his office in Italy.

Ali Ahmeti: Current DUI leader. Whisked to safety by NATO (Greek, US) helicopters first as a terrorist, then as a freedom fighter.

Jess Baily: Current US Ambassador and CIA field operative.

Artan Grubi: Ali Ahmeti's "advisor", State Department operative from 2014, Dutch Embassy operative since 2010. 

Victoria Nuland is missing in this photo. She was the top ranked freedom fighter out of this group and in charge of the coup in Macedonia before being fired by Rex Tillerson.


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