Volcano erupts into Milky Way...
Wednesday, 03 May 2017

Dutch photographer Albert Dros, 31, visited Guatemala earlier this year where, after careful planning, he captured this stunning photo of the Fuego Volcano in mid eruption.

Rather than just capturing the volcano erupting, Albert wanted to align the eruption with the Milky Way - and to capture his perfect shot, he used seismographs and webcams to monitor the volcano’s activity in real time, and put in several calls to the local weather station to make sure he was in place when the time was right.

"When I saw the volcano erupting up close, combined with the powerful sound it made, I was just paralyzed," he says. "This was amazing. It was literally one of the most impressive natural phenomenon I had ever seen.

"My research paid off, and all the elements I needed to create the shot I wanted slowly started to line up—it’s a great feeling when things go as planned. When it began to get dark, the real show started.

"As Fuego kept erupting, the glowing lava now became visible. It looked like something you would normally only see in the movies."

Beautiful though his pictures are, he feels they don't do justice to the reality. "Seeing the volcano erupt at night is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen," he says.


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