EU: If our Puppet is in Charge, Elections without Opposition are democratic
Friday, 12 May 2017

  European Commissioner Johannes Hahn encouraged the Albanian Government to go ahead with the elections planned for June 18th, even as the main opposition Democratic Party said it will not participate. Hahn said that he regrets the decision by the Democrats to skip the elections and warned them against protests that might turn violent.

"We have carefully listened to concerns and expectations from all sides, while trying to facilitate a solution of the ongoing crisis. A number of options were offered, with the hope that parties and leaders live up to their responsibility to find a joint solution. Unfortunately, this was not the case. So today, we are in a situation where the electoral process for the general elections on 18 June has been set in motion. The elections will take place without the participation of the main opposition parties. It was the deliberate choice by the current opposition not to run for elections. I have to respect, but at the same time deeply regret this decision from a democratic point of viewAlbanians request and deserve elections that provide a broad political offer and uphold electoral standards. However, the democratic process must continue, even if some decide to stay behind", Hahn said in his statement.

Prompted by precedents in Macedonia and Montenegro, the Albanian opposition demanded that Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama resigns and a new Government is formed that will enable more fair elections. But, the major difference between Albania and Macedonia is that Albania already has a Washington and Soros puppet in place in Edi Rama, thus, for them it is detrimental if Rama loses the elections. Merkel got activated as well in this neoliberal effort and stated she is backing Rama in the elections. Albania has never had free election, but are deemed 'free' as long as an individual backed by Sorosites in Brussels and Washington wins.

Last week, Rama was forced to withdraw from a municipal election in the city of Kavaja, after reports of major protests being prepared by the Democrats, and protests are also planned over the weekend, which Brussels fears may eventually disrupt the entire election process.


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