Top Banker: Western Banking Elites control Drugs, Weapons, Human Trafficking, Create Wars
Thursday, 18 May 2017

Top Dutch Banker, Ronald Bernard speaks out on Dutch TV of how the world really works and who runs it.

Although at least some of the things Mr. Bernard says are well known, other information he lays out is truly disturbing.

To summarize the video below, Mr. Bernard had complete access & control to banking transactions world-wide, was constantly seeing western intel agencies fund and exchange money with terrorist organizations all over the world, at one point Mr Bernard says he no longer distinguised intel agencies from terrorist organizations as they are one and the same.

Top Bankers and Intel agencies in cahoots, functioning as a crime syndicate

"Intel agencies have nothing to do with protecting people or countries, it's all about drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, human trafficking and creating and funding wars" says Bernard.

He says roughly 8,000 - 8,500 people have complete control of the planet and only they know what's really going on. Every single politician is firmly in their pockets.

Mr. Bernard explains the banking elite who are in control were Luciferian. He says, they are portrayed in the media as atheists, but were actually Luciferian. He admits didn't think much of it, until he was invited to attend a ceremony where children were sacrificed.

That was the breaking point for him. 

He says these western elite bankers and intel agencies are behind all the world's misery.

Watch this stunning interview:


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