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Monday, 24 July 2017

Although online gambling, sports betting and gambling in general are all permitted in Canada, the legal status of each one of these activities may differ from province to province. Regardless, if you’re living in Canada or North America and are interested in any of these activities, you can freely indulge in them without any legal concerns; rest assured, you won’t get arrested!

But where things get slightly tricky is that not all gambling websites allow players from Canada. This is because a company cannot offer gambling services to Canadian citizens unless it is licensed within any of its provinces that said, there are a lot of great options available and you can check out Canadian online casino reviews here for more info!

So where’s the confusion?!

Majority of the confusion regarding legality of gambling and betting in Canada stems from the way the country is set up. It is divided into 10 different provinces: Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Prince Edward Island, Sasquatchewan, Nova Scotia, Quebec, British Columbia, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick and Labrador; and 3 territories: Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories).

As also mentioned earlier, conventionally the gambling legislation has always been under the provincial jurisdiction. What this means is that every province has its own respective laws and regulations regarding the legalization and banning of bingo halls, brick-and-mortar casinos etc., with the exception of horse racing which falls under the federal jurisdiction.

The advent of online gambling in Canada

After online gambling was introduced in Canada, all these provinces demanded the right to regulate this industry too. Many provinces such as Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia have already legalised various types of online gambling operations. You can read a Spin Palace casino review here which will give you a full insight into the ins and outs of one of the most popular casinos on the Canadian market. It has more than 200 slots games, million dollar jackpots, over 40 different blackjack games and much more!

However, the complications came with regard to the several Native American tribes that had gotten involved in the business of gambling. Nowadays, even if we talk about the provinces where gambling is considered an illegal activity, you can find casinos on the First Nations reserves, with some even encouraging online casinos.

The licensed gambling operators are allowed to serve the residents belonging to other provinces only and only if there’s an existing interprovincial agreement. But when it comes to offshore gambling companies, they cannot legally serve the Canadian players. //Sponsored Content


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