Fake News CNN strikes again, this time in London
Tuesday, 06 June 2017

The Onion and the Atlanta based CNN are running the same news service, but the Onion is much more professional.

Unlike Americans, who found out CNN is fake news in 2016 thanks to the unexpected candidacy and win of Donald Trump, the rest of the world has known CNN as fake news since at least 1995.

Examples of CNN being fake news are at this point in the tens of thousands. Whenever a public opinion needs to be swayed to fit someone's agenda, typically the agenda of the globalists and the Deep State (the unelected US Government that actually runs the country), then CNN is there.

Whether you'd like to see a fake story of a poor Syrian boy lost alone thanks to the bad, bad Syrian Government , a fake story of the bad, bad Russians closing down American schools , fake story of the Aleppo boy or if you'd like to venture into creating fake sets of Syrian suffering whose images then gets shown 24/7  the CNN and lets be honest here, the US Mainstream media is there for you.

Who could forget CNN and the British Bull*hit Corporation paying Kosovo "refugees" $50 to say on camera they are fleeing the Serbian army. The CNN crew incentified the 'refugees' to cry in front of camera by offering them additional $50. This was in 1999, not in 2017. Americans have some serious catching up to do with how fake their news actually are.

Fast forward to the London attacks just two days ago.

Since CNN has their own masters who have their own agenda, the US fake news network decided to stage a fake muslim anti-terror protest in London. Why not, they have done it before and it only takes a handful of people who if shown at the right angle would look like an actual protest.

A video that emerged last night shows CNN reporter Becky Anderson organizing and directing a group of Muslims holding anti-terror signs the day after Islamic terrorists killed seven and injured nearly 50 in London. Don't worry, they were given the signs beforehand, there wasn't an effort involved here.

Anderson ensures that the demonstrators are positioned perfectly, at the perfect angle before recording her fake piece to camera, during which she describes the scene as “wonderful”.

The same group was also filmed at multiple other locations, suggesting further coordination with media outlets.


The remarkable thing here is the fact that the likes of CNN, Washington Post, NYT, NBC, CBS, FT, DW, The Guardian, ABC, BBC have been caught repeatedly for publishing fake news, 100s of times just this year. None of it matters, no apologies issued, retractions, they simply brush it off and march on to the next fake report. 

But the truly freightening thing here is not the fake news. As long as there is an agenda to demonize a nation(s), to push for a war, or force a narrative that makes terrorists look like friendly kittens who should be welcomed by everyone, you'll always get fake news. The truly troubling fact here is the seamless coordination and unity between multiple fake news network centers, as if they all serve the same masters.  //Mark Abramoff


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