Dog stunned after getting Pink slip from Police department
Friday, 09 June 2017


A German shepherd in Australia has found his new purpose in life after he was fired from the police dog academy for being cordial to people.

Gavel has been living at the official residence of Queensland Gov. Paul de Jersey since he was 6 weeks old, after police determined that he was too sociable to do police work.

The pup "did not display the necessary aptitude for a life on the front line," police said, according to the BBC. He was then removed from the roster of the Queensland Dog Squad. 

 Jersey often features Gavel on his social media accounts. In February, he posted Gavel's "Contract of Employment" for his official title of Vice-Regal Dog at Queensland's Government House. Gavel has become a sensation among Queenslanders, according to the office of the governor.

Gavel's role includes greeting guests and tour groups who visit the rounds of the Government House. He also participates in special ceremonies and has even been outfitted with a custom-made uniform for those occasions. 


The bad thing is, Gavel had to find out of his firing from the media, after reading the news online. The Police didn't have the decency to personally inform Gavel... typical!


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