No Dinner First? Corbyn botches a High Five
Saturday, 10 June 2017

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, overjoyed by the better-than-expected results in the UK election, had an awkward mishap after going in for a celebratory high-five with Shadow Defense Secretary Emily Thornberry’s breast.

In a series of unfortunate events, Corbyn and Thornberry began by posing for a photo-op as several supporters were cheering them on from the sidelines. First, they embraced each other in a bear hug, then Corbyn went in for what looks like a failed fist bump that turned into a finger pointing contest, later wrapped up by a cringe-worthy slap on the chest.

While the two quickly laughed off the ill-timed high-five, the internet wasn’t quite done with the fiasco and some were left channeling their inner detective to figure out who was at fault.

But lets face it, there was never a high five at play here, this is all on Corbyn. 


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