Jordanian Army kills 5 US backed rebels
Monday, 12 June 2017

In a rare development, the Jordanian Army and Syrian rebels operating under the Free Syrian Army (FSA) banner came in direct conflict with one another over the weekend on the desert border between Jordan and Syria.

According to a Jordanian military source, five FSA members were killed while trying to enter Jordan from southern Syria without authorization. Two pickup trucks and two motorcycles were also immobilized in brief clashes that pushed a FSA convoy back into Homs. The two parties are otherwise considered long-standies allies.

The FSA militants in mention were reportedly at odds with a US garrison deployed at the Al-Tanf border crossing and did not wish to stay present in the region with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) advancing ever closer by the day.

Nevertheless, hundreds of FSA militants are still stationed in southeastern Homs alongside US special forces whom are supported by airstrikes on a regular

Due to the latest SAA offensive, the US military and its vetted partners no longer share a frontline with ISIS, much similar to events in northern Aleppo earlier this year. This may prompt the coalition to withdraw from southern Syria entirely.


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