New Normal for the US Left: Advocating Assassinations
Wednesday, 14 June 2017

A modern production of “Julius Caesar” — with an actor made up to look as Donald Trump getting offed onstage — will continue to play in Central Park as scheduled, the theater company said.

The production — part of the annual Shakespeare in the Park series — has been ripped by the White House since it was mounted Sunday.

Donald Trump Jr. even retweeted a comment Wednesday that it may have spurred on the shooting at a practice for a congressional baseball team.

The Public Theater stressed the current production — scheduled to play until Sunday — was never meant to promote violence.

“Our production of Julius Caesar in no way advocates violence towards anyone. Shakespeare’s play, and our production, make the opposite point: those who attempt to defend democracy by undemocratic means pay a terrible price and destroy the very thing they are fighting to save,” it said in a statement.

Delta Airlines and Bank of America pulled their sponsorship of the play Sunday.

American Express also distanced itself from the political fall-out by removing an ad from The Public Theater’s website.


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