Greek Coast Guard Fires At Turkish Freighter, 16 Bullet Holes Reported
Monday, 03 July 2017

Source: Dennis Mortimer /

A Turkish-flagged ship has comes under fire off the Greek island of Rhodes, according to Turkey's Deniz news, citing the ship’s captain, Haluk Sami Kalkavan, who told CNN TURK there were at least 16 bullet holes on board, although no injuries have been reported.

The cargo ship named M/V ACT was carrying steel from the southern port of İskenderun to İzmit in the northwest when the Greek coast guard called on the ship to divert its course to Rhodes, Turkey-based Deniz Haber Ajansı reported.

The ship was cruising in international waters and its captain replied that he will not follow this directive, while informing the Turkish coast guard of the incident and changing the ship's course towards Turkish territorial waters.

Turkey's NTV adds that the Turkish Foreign Ministry is “in contact with relevant institutions” over the incident.

While it is unclear yet if this is the start of another major diplomatic incident between the volatile neighbors, NTV also adds that there are now 2 Turkish coast guard vessels off Rhodes following the incident.


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