Obama still thinks he is US President, meets World Leaders
Wednesday, 05 July 2017

 Far from bowing out gracefully, Barack Obama apparently intends to carry right on being the commander-in-chief.

Talk about not being able to move on.

It's been over 5 months since the 44th and possibly most useless US president ever to hold the office, vacated the White House.

But since then, Barack Hussein Obama has kept up a busy schedule of public addresses and meetings with world leaders.

In other words, Obama has gone right on acting as the US head-of-state. No more and no less.

Given the known animosity between Obama and Trump, there is virtually zero chance Obama's trip was coordinated with the White House.

The best thing George W. Bush ever did was virtually disappear from the face of the earth for several years after he left office. He knew his time was up and to let his successor have his chance.

Obama obviously has no concept of bowing out gracefully.

Since he has, in fact, no obvious talents or job qualifications apart from public speaking and community organizing (and I've never seen any indication he was actually successful at community organizing), Obama quite possibly thinks keeping himself in the public eye is the only way to keep himself marketable.

After all, a brotha gotta put food on the table.

A larger, more significant factor is probably Obama's need to satisfy the demands of his own enormous ego which, I personally believe, is far larger than Trump's. (Most of the publicly egotistical image Trump built up in the past is contrived branding.)

Anyway, by filling the role of "anti-president" Obama is sure to play into the fantasy fulfillment of millions of hard-core leftists who refuse to accept the fact that Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton, is now president of the United States.

But there is another more ominous possibility - that Obama is, in fact, continuing to serve the the role that the US president is supposed to serve today, that of chief spokesman of the international globalist elite.

If that is the case, he is more than acting the the role of president. He is, in a real sense, continuing to be the president, as Trump's anti-globalist rhetoric has been staunchly rejected by the western establishment.

In that scenario, Obama could actually be significantly undermining Trump's efforts to pursue his foreign policy.

It means Trump has more than foreign leaders and his own hostile bureaucracy to contend with if he wants to advance his agenda. He's also got to fight an anti-president who's clearly trying to undermine the true president's authority at every turn.  //Ricky Twisdale


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