Psycho Zoran Zaev sells sovereignty, history, language, identity...
Wednesday, 26 July 2017


 SDS psychopath Zoran Zaev, in an interview with the media says in exchange for Macedonia giving up its language, history, culture, identity, and its minority in Bulgaria, official Sofia will help Macedonia on its path to join NATO and the EU, which for Sofia is neither obligatory, nor does it have any meaning.

Zaev's psychosis is at such level, that he tried to sell this stupidity to the media. Now it is clear why after signing this treasonous agreement, Zaev literally will flee the country, he is too afraid to show up in Krushevo for Macedonia's biggest holiday, Ilinden.

This "agreement" will give official Sofia the right to create and manage, seek more rights for a Bulgarian minority in Macedonia, while at the same time nullifying the Macedonians in Bulgaria.


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