Prime Minister Baily to bring in 200,000 muslims to Skopje, Ohrid, Bitola, Prilep...
Sunday, 06 August 2017

Starting this year, the Macedonian Government will build 100 residential buildings across the country, namely in Skopje, Bitola, Prilep, Ohrid, Negotino, Gevgelija and Demir Kapija.

The quote of 20,000 muslims from the Middle East have now been extended to 200,000. They will be given free housing, jobs and citizenships.

Prime Minister Baily’s strategy is very simple. The 200,000 muslims (11% of the population) will tip the scale in the voting booth and ensure Baily and his Deep State replacement remains in power. It will also tip the religious scale and make the country half muslim.

Accepting 200,000 muslims in Macedonia would be the equivalent of USA accepting 38 million refugees.


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