DW: Owner of FC Shkendija involved in Heroin trafficking with NATO
Saturday, 12 August 2017

German company for waste manegement headquartered in Tetovo, known under the name "Ecolog" and hired by NATO in Afhanistan, in 2010 was accused of heroin trafficking. These accusations are over 10 years old, as the same firm who also sponsors FC Shkendija is tied with drug trafficking since the Kosovo war, reported German based Deutche Welle

Although the company is founded in Dusseldorf, Germany, all of its operations are based out of Tetovo, Macedonia. No one knows how this unknown company received large contracts with NATO (ISAF) in Afghanistan. According to Croatian based Jutarnji, citing DW, Ecolog was heavily involved with drug trafficking in and out of Kosovo, while the entire operation was overseen by NATO who took over the security of the former Serbian province. As a result of an already "formed relationship", NATO extended more contracts to Ecolog in Afghanistan as well.

Per the report, NATO general Egon Ramms believes not just heroin, but other narcotics were trafficked as well. Ecolog's contract with NATO had been signed back in 2003 and has been active for 14 years. At one point, Ecolog is believed to have recruited fighters from Kosovo and dispatched them to fight with ISIS in Syria.

To receive multimillion dollar contracts with NATO, a company must have massive connections with the alliance, particularly when it comes to assisting in illegal activities.

According to NATO general Egon Ramms in his interview with DW - it's absurd that this unknown company has been receiving large contracts with NATO and none of their contracts for over a decade have ever been looked at or investigated.

"It's quite odd for any company to have their contracts with NATO renewed automatically, without any investigation what they actually do and or how beneficial the business relationship is. There is simply no information on Ecolog, and it doesn't help that they have been tied to drug trafficking" - says Ramms.

According to Macedonian media, Ecolog's owner Mr. Destani is the main financial backer of DUI and SDS, and was pinpointed as the primary financier of Zaev in multiple villages around Tetovo when SDS officials were photographed carrying hundreds of thousands of euros in bribing money for the locals.

Soon after, Zoran Zaev proclaimed himself as the biggest supporter of Shkendija.



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