Crazy person stabs Man over short haircut
Sunday, 20 August 2017

This Colorado man is avowedly not a neo-Nazi, or any sort of Neo...

But he believes his long-on-top, buzzed-on-the-sides haircut got him mistaken for one - and nearly stabbed to death by a deranged person claiming to be an "anti-fascist".

Joshua Witt, 26, escaped his brush with hairdo-doom with a defensive slice to the hand and three stitches.

"Apparently, my haircut is considered a neo-Nazi statement," he told NY Media, as his account on Facebook garnered 20,000 shares.

Witt says he'd just pulled in to the parking lot of the Steak 'n Shake in Sheridan, Colo., and was opening his car door.

 "All I hear is, 'Are you one of them neo-Nazis?' as this dude is swinging a knife up over my car door at me," he said.

"I threw my hands up and once the knife kind of hit, I dived back into my car and shut the door and watched him run off west, behind my car.

"The dude was actually aiming for my head," he added.

"I was more in shock because I was just getting a milkshake."

Witt says he has no tattoos or any sort of regalia that would finger him for some sort of extremist. His pals are messaging him on Facebook with the only rationale they can come up with: "They say it's my haircut."

So there you have it, America's liberals who allegedly 'fight' fascism are yet to be told by their fake media that they are the very definition of fascists.


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