Water Entertainments for Two
Sunday, 12 November 2017


A date in one of the water entertainment places is a win-win variant of spending time interesting. This is a perfect type of dating absolutely for everyone: whether it's a romantic person or a person who prefers extreme entertainment. Everyone will be able to choose the best option. Here is the list of the best ones from online dating site.

Jet skiing

A great way to have fun and be together is to have a date riding a jet ski. Adrenaline starts to go off the scale when a jet ski races across the waves at breakneck speed. You both will get an unforgettable experience and it will be an excellent option for an active date.

Date on a yacht

You don’t have to be a millionaire to organize a romantic date on a yacht! The open sea, a romantic candlelit dinner in a cabin, and watching the sunset with your loved one… What could be more romantic?

Water Park

Water parks are created not only for children! You can get a lot of fun from entertainment attractions and joint recreation organizing a meeting there!


Recently, it has become fashionable to conduct unusual dates. And if you and your girlfriend are lovers of new sensations, then you can try to spend a date under water! You will be immersed in a mysterious atmosphere and, most likely, all this will remind you of a fairy tale. So let yourself relax a little and get an unforgettable pleasure from this amazing world!


Due to its versatility, SUP-surfing (Stand Up Paddle Surfing) very quickly find numerous supporters all over the world and is already one of the most popular water entertainments despite its short history. This surfing with a paddle is perfect for those who want to relax, slowly explore the neighborhood, and those who want to spend pastime more active. This is actually a universal water entertainment not only for every taste but for any opportunities because everyone can try this activity.

Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking is a popular water entertainment in many island countries. This is an opportunity for an exciting trip for those who are used to discover seas and unknown corners.

Underwater hunting

Despite the fact that hunting is not vital for us anymore, there are more and more people who become fans of this type of leisure every year. A hobby of underwater hunting is more than a desire to get the biggest prey. This is the opportunity to see the beautiful underwater world.

This activity requires good physical shape, instant reaction, and concentration of attention. And those people who are ready to cope with such requirements can get a lot of unforgettable emotions and impressions from underwater hunting.

Aqua zorbing

This kind of entertainment is quite simple and fun. You can run on water inside a huge ball. This can be done at any temperature of water. Aqua zorbing is not only amusing but also useful for the development of coordination of movements. Sensations are cosmic and emotions go off the scale. It is worth trying to check what you are capable of. And let someone say that walking on the water is impossible.

Swimming with dolphins

What could be better than "communication" with these lovely creatures – dolphins. While you hold the dolphin by the fins and whirl with it in water dance, someone may take a picture of you. These amazing creatures are very intelligent and gentle. After swimming with dolphins you will feel good and calm. It's not for nothing that these animals are used for various therapies that have a beneficial effect on physical and mental health (the so-called dolphin therapy).


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