NATO member Bulgaria refuses to shoot at "Russian targets"
Wednesday, 23 August 2017

How precarious is the situation at the NATO Alliance shows the latest exercise dubbed "Noble Jump"  which saw Albania, Bulgaria, UK, Greece, Spain, Latvia, Holland, Norway, Poland, Romania and USA take part.

 During the practice shooting, Bulgarian soldiers and their superiors refused to shoot at targets which were painted utilizing Russian insignia. After careful look at the targets, Bulgarian superiors concluded the targets used fabric with the colors of the Russian flag and ordered their troops not to shoot.

Despite being NATO member, Bulgaria in 2014 told Washington it will not host American THAAD system on their soil which is aimed at Russia. 

A year later, in 2015, Bulgaria refused to join a Black Sea naval group consisting of Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania to "contain" Russia. The group was never formed as now Turkey too has shifted their geopolitical alliance with Russia.

Bulgarian analysts claim that only an absolute lunatic would agree to host American rockets on their soil. Namely, during a conflict between the US and Russia, Moscow will first eliminate the American weapon systems hosted by European nations, thus making those countries the primary target for a tactical nuke. No one has told this to the Romanians, it would seem.

NATO appears to be a tiger, but only on paper. Although the US runs the show, in an actual conflict, at least half of the European NATO member nations would at very minimum refuse US orders and not take part in a conflict with Russia. The Americans are fully aware of this which is likely why they haven't started a war with Russia, at least not yet. Give the Deep State a little bit of time...


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