Why the US Empire wanted Syria destroyed?
Monday, 04 September 2017

Every independent nation that cares for its citizens and conducts independent foreign policy and is unwilling to give up their natural resources to US corporations is a major thorn in the eyes of the American Empire. Think of Venezuela, Iran, Russia, China, North Korea....

As for Syria, the country itself and in particularly Assad need to receive every imaginable Noble Prize that's available. 

Assad could have easily folded, and frankly we thought he would!

He was up against the United States, Israel, UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE and Qatar who had not just invested over $1 trillion in the destruction of Syria, but have also shipped and paid the salaries of over 80,000 terrorists from over 30 foreign countries. And for the Syrian Army to put up with such onslaught for three years before Russia got involved is truly astonishing!

So to the Swedish Nobel Committee, send everything you got to Damascus, they deserve it. It's not easy to defeat the Death Star.



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