Russia breaks US blockade aimed at starving Venezuelans to death
Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The United States is so determined to get their hands on Venezuela's oil, that with the latest sanctions Washington has threatened any country with dire consequences if they try to do any business with Venezuela, including selling them food and medicine.

In order to keep its economy somewhat stable due to its lack of US Dollars, Venezuela has had to resort to using short term loans to keep itself functioning—however, 4 weeks ago, the United States placed sanctions against them from being able to do any business by threatening any nation that would lend them money—and further ordering everyone in the world not to even pay the dividends they owed Venezuela.

With Venezuela having been prevented to receive payments with interest totaling more than $4 billion,  these new United States sanctions make this nation’s economy recovery all but impossible now—and whose only achievable goal is to worsen shortages and inflict as much suffering on the Venezuelan people as possible.

With neighboring countries Colombia and Brazil's officials on CIA's payroll, the people of Venezuela are being starved to death as no country is permitted by Washington to bring food, medicine or any supplies. 

Russia comes to the rescue (this was completely ignored by all major media)

Russia has been stunned by what Venezuela is going through and has warned that the United States was “setting the stage for an invasion of Venezuela”, and further stated that all US sanctions were not just highly illegal, but grotesque and inhumane. 

As a result, Russia dispatched huge naval vessels who broke the American blockade of Venezuela by delivering 30,000 tonnes of wheat flour to feed this countries peoples being deliberately starved to death by the US Government.

The Venezuelan ambassador to Russia, Carlos Faria, was the first to announce the ship's arrival on his twitter account.

“The first shipment of Russian wheat arrived to the Venezuelan coast. President Nicolas Maduro is fulfilling his people,” Faria said.

“We can now inform that the second ship will also be arriving soon, and so we can begin to replace former suppliers with those who are more reliable and closer to our revolutionary process,” Faria said last week during a Press Conference held with President Maduro.

Venezuela is due to receive more than 600 thousand tons of wheat by the end of December, in addition to other products promised by Russia.

It will be delivered to mills for processing and before being sent to factories to supply over 10 thousand bakeries.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon and the CIA have sent over $150m to the fascist right wing opposition in Venezuela just this year alone to keep attempting to remove Maduro from power by any means necessary. Several opposition figures have been caught with actual crates full of cash given to them by US operatives in the country. 


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