Somehow, Merkel wins 4th term
Sunday, 24 September 2017

Incumbent German Chancellor Angela Merkel has won an unprecedented fourth term as leader of the northern European country.
   Merkel will be chancellor for a fourth term after her center-right CDU/CSU appears to have won a 33 percent of the popular vote in Sunday's federal election.

Following the election, Merkel's Christian Democratic Union party will make up the largest voting bloc in the the country's parliament
the Bundestag with an estimated 218 seats, according to The Guardian.

The CDU vote tally is down from the 2013 election, and will likely see Merkel with less power in her fourth term in office.

The far-right, anti-immigration AfD opposition party also marked an unprecedented win, with 13.5 percent of the vote and 87 seats. The win comes to the first openly nationalist party in the Bundestag in over 60 years, and marks a stark change from the centrist policies of post-World-War-II parliaments.

Additional details as they become available.


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