Tramp bans Venezuela, North Koreans, Chad... watch out Todd!
Monday, 25 September 2017

The Trump administration has updated its so-called ban 'on Foreign Terrorist Entry', adding North Korea, Venezuela and Chad to the list. The seemingly random choice of new countries has led to a series of witty and insightful comments on Twitter, some more facetious than others.

Citizens from the three aforementioned countries were added to the list, which also includes Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen, with Sudan removed.

Trump issued a tweet explaining his decision, writing that his "number one priority" is "Making America Safe."

North Korea, has zero travelers to the US, so this travel ban is sure to ruffle their feathers.  Venezuela doesn't want to give up their oil to US corporations, and Iran has ability to defend themselves from US aggression, so their inclusion makes sense.

But Chad? According to hilarious twitter comments, Chad is one bad hombre and Trump knows it. Watch out Brad and Todd!

The president received a reply from Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, who called the ban "offensive," and a sign of Trump's "fake empathy for Iranians."

As expected, the new restrictions have also met with a spate of clever and sarcastic comments, some focusing on the legal issues, others on the list's presumed lack of logic. Many users pointed out for instance that North Korea's immigration standards are so strict that no one can travel to the US anyway.

Others joked about Chad's inclusion, especially given its status as a US anti-terror ally, with one user jesting that maybe the restrictions were really aimed at 'some guy named Chad'.

Others were baffled by Venezuela's addition to the list.

Some users focused on the countries that the ban didn't cover, especially Saudi Arabia, given that Saudi nationals comprised the majority of the attackers on 9/11, and that Riyadh has been accused of sponsoring terror.

Other were fascinated with the logic behind the ban, and came up with a series of possible explanations.


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