US Deep State Media set up shop in Vegas 24 hrs before shooting
Tuesday, 03 October 2017

The US Deep State Media, commonly referred to as "Fake Media" once again found itself in the right place, at the right time... setting up shop in Las Vegas, NV, 24 hours before a mass shooting which took the lives of 59 people as they attended a concert at Mandalay Bay.

The US Deep State Media has a tendency to guess what will happen and where, and no one questions why that is.

CNN's Amanpour, set up shop in Istanbul 48 hours before the coup on July 15th, 2016. Her crew even knew where the coup would begin, what parts of the city will be "busiest"... all of it ahead of time. In fact, for over 20 years CNN's Amanpour appearance in a country is now closely tied to coup/bloodshed in the country. CNN, NBC and the rest of US Deep State Media had uncanny success in filming the Coup in Ukraine, the bloodshed in the Balkans... always there ahead of time and on schedule.

Is the Deep State Media utilizing their "connections" now at home?

No one seems to question why were all the top fake "news" anchors in Las Vegas? After much confusion, the American media claimed they were there to allegedly film the OJ Simpson release!? This is the best they could come up with. The problem is, OJ Simpson was released two days ago, on Saturday evening, in a different city in Nevada.

The fake US media should have been setting shop on Friday, in Reno, covering OJ's release, not on Monday with an already set up shop in Las Vegas. Clearly nothing to do with OJ.

Gaping holes in offiical story

As for the perpetrated shooter, and that fact he was able to take 10 weapons (rifles) to his hotel room, this is simply insanely illogical. But that's not all, there are dozens of videos in which one can hear the sounds of fully automatic weapons... these are impossible to acquire legally, even in the US. Then all exits were suddenly blocked trapping people inside for over an hour!? How many people were involved in this? If you're looking for a definition of a false flag, this is it.

According to the police, the alleged shooter(s) were firing for 72 minutes, and authorities only located him later? In Somalia they would have acted much faster, and they have no police. By the way, over three dozen witnesses reported multiple shooters!?

Lastly, the reported cause for this tragedy was because the alleged shooter had debt on poker slot machines!?!

The story laid out by the US fake media has so many holes, but again this is typical for American MSM. //Eugene A.


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