Political assassination in Macedonia, Baily nowhere to be found
Thursday, 05 October 2017

Kichevo independent city council candidate Alit Abazi was shot and killed as he walked down the street in Kichevo. The perpetrator was neither identified nor found by police despite multiple eye witnesses.

This is the first political murder of a candidate in Macedonia. Though the reason or motives are not given, the rather obvious fact is Abazi was popular in Kichevo and went up against DUI and the SDS who joined forces in the small SW town and are backing  mayor Fatmir Dehari.

Abazi's introduction into the city council race meant DPMNE could win Kichevo considering DUI depends on several thousand votes who arrive from overseas just to vote on the day of the election.

US Ambassador Jess Baily who was known to issue daily comments and statements during DPMNE's reign, which included bizarre press conferences of the Government failing its citizens during a downpour, is now nowhere to be found even during election assassinations.

Will Baily, Zaev and Ahmeti go to the funeral of Abazi, considering they had the only motive for this man not to be around?


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