Illegitimate Macedonian Government using SPO to abuse Court Judges who can't be bribed
Saturday, 07 October 2017

Macedonian Government officials are using the SPO to threaten and abuse Court Judges who have proven to be impossible to bribe. Such case is judge Vladimir Pancevski, who is also a former president of the Criminal Court in Skopje.

The SPO entered his home while obtaining what is now considered to be illegal warrant from the city of Gevgelija, where Pancevski doesn't reside. SPO's Katica Janeva obtained the "search warrant" illegally with assistance from her father who was a long time judge at the Gevgelija Court. Such warrant must be obtained in Skopje, not in Gevgelija. However, according to judge Pancevski the clause for the search warrant was illegal as well, because it was obtained for illegal wiretapping of people not assiciated with Pancevski.

This sort of criminal activities by Macedonian state authorities could only be seen in the communist era of the 1950's and 60's. Janeva is breaking the law, she is setting people up, she is lying to judges, she is fabricating documents... I want to tell other judges who are resisting this criminal structure that what is happening to me will happen to them" says Pancevski for Alfa TV.

Thanks to a camera set up at his house, Pancevski was able to film the abuse of the SPO and policemen who entered his home. One of the SPO officials is seen taking Pancevski's house key and putting it in his pocket as a way to tell him that they can now enter his premises any time they wish. This sort of fascist behavior and psychological abuse against the judge would hardly be believed if it wasn't filmed.

This is what happens when the Macedonian citizens and the bought judicial system allowed the US Embassy to insert unelected criminals in charge.

As for the illegal SPO, their mandate was done in July. But since they were set up to undermine and subvert the Macedonian judicial system, their mandate appears will not end until this is completely achieved.



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