Zaev brings illegals from Kosovo to vote in Strumica
Saturday, 14 October 2017

Strumica residents have reported seeing six buses packed with Kosovo Albanians in Strumica early this morning. More buses are arriving from Kosovo in Strumica, in addition to numerous private vehicles, vans and mini buses with Kosovo license plates that have been spotted in Strumica during the day.

Zaev is determined to keep "his people" in charge of Strumica and plans on winning the mayorship of the city by having illegals from Kosovo vote in the elections. The same scenario was witnessed during the previous elections, in December 2016 when over a hundred buses from Kosovo entered Macedonia the weekend of the election vote.

 Although the actual vote is tomorrow, Strumica residents have reported for Macedonian media that most of the illegals from Kosovo are voting today together with military personnel, prisoners and the disabled. They'll likely be allowed to vote tomorrow again.

Majority of prisoners removed from voters list

To coincide with the arrival of illegals from Kosovo to vote, reports that majority of the prisoners were unable to vote because they were removed from the electoral voting list.

During the local election campaign, the SDS was forced to  bus in 'supporters' from multiple cities to Strumica, it was evident that locals do not support the SDS, as the latest polls showed - SDS was behind DPMNE by 14%.

Meanwhile, Infomax has reported that SDS activists under police protection have been bribing voters with flour, cooking oil and cash.


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