Buses from Kosovo, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany flood Kichevo ahead of Election Vote
Saturday, 14 October 2017

In an identical scenario of the local elections in 2013, over 5,000 people have flooded the city of Kichevo this weekend arriving in buses with foreign license plates. Expres.mk reports buses with German, Belgian, Kosovo, and Swiss licence plates arriving in Kichevo. All of the buses have albanian flags displayed in the windows.

Althouh none of the visitors live in Kichevo, Macedonian laws allow citizens who hold Macedonian and foreign passports to vote in general elections.

In 2005, via the SDS, the population of the village of Zajas was added to Kichevo thus doubling Kichevo's borders and making ethnic Macedonians from 59% of the city's population to 51%.

The albanians who live abroad and return every for years only to vote, tip the scale in favor of an ethnic albanian mayor.


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